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A 4-phase program to quadruple your internal marketing response!

Hi, I’m Jim Du Molin, founder of The Wealthy Dentist University. My Internal Marketing and Communications tutorial provides one of the most fundamental strategies you can use to retain your existing patients and get high-quality referrals.

Members of The Wealthy Dentist University get access to this and many other video lessons. But for those of you who aren't members, I'm making this tutorial available to the general public.

I’ve been helping doctors with their dental marketing and dental management for almost twenty years, and now I'm offering dental continuing education on those topics.

The basic rule of all dental marketing is to start by targeting the dental patients you have and asking them to refer other patients just like themselves. However, this only works if:

1. You want more patients like the ones you have. Do you want the wicked witch of the east to send all her sisters to your dental practice? Or do you want referrals from the friendly patient who's thrilled with the results of dental implant therapy? Remember, birds of a feather flock together…

2. You have the type of personality — warm, caring and extroverted — that makes it easy to ask for referrals. Got you on the last one, "extroverted," didn’t I? Most dentists ARE warm and caring, but only a small fraction are extroverted enough to easily ask patients for referrals.

That’s why we developed our 4-Phase Internal Dental Marketing & Communications Program. It’s designed to add up to 10 additional new patients a month to your practice… and many doctors do much better than that!

Over the last 18 years, this program has been tested, revised, upgraded, refined, tested again and upgraded annually! There is no better or more comprehensive program in existence in the dental firmament! That may sound like marketing hype… and it is. But, it’s also true marketing hype.

Dr. Jim Sparaga, Machias, Maine

This program helps the dentist and team overcome your normal reluctance to asking for referrals. Plus, it knows you are going to forget to ask, be too nervous to ask and too tired to ask… and it still works!

It works because "Asking" is just one phase of the program. Phases 2 through 4 are all designed to back you up and get the referral, even if you screw up the asking part 80% of the time. Hey! I’ve been working with dentists for 20 years… I know the difference between theory and reality.

All the key elements that are included are listed below, but let me tell you, like all The Wealthy Dentist University programs, you’re going to get at least twice the value you expected. That starts with two half-hour Internet video training tutorials with full-action slide shows. It’s just like being in a live seminar, except you can stop it at any time, go back, jump ahead or even go to the bathroom without having to raise your hand.

Team members can watch the tutorials on their work stations or you can even hook up an inexpensive video projector to one of your office computers to project the tutorials on a wall for team training. This is a lot less expensive than taking them to a seminar for a day!

What you learn with your 4-Phase Internal Dental Marketing & Communications Program:

  • You’ll receive the exact verbal scripting for you and your team on how to ask for a referral, and even more importantly…. how to customize it to your natural verbal style.
  • How to use the 4 primary psychological triggers to get people to respond favorably – every time you ask for a referral.
  • How to respond when a patient says, "Why doctor, I didn’t know you were accepting new patients."
  • Learn the five key elements to designing the ultimate "Marketing Response Vehicle."
  • How to use the power of a "Token Offer" with your internal marketing and why you can’t "Buy" new patients.
  • Learn how to tailor your token offer to the social class of your patient and when absolutely not to make an offer.
  • Understanding the power of repetition marketing and how it will continue to build your internal marketing response rates.
  • How to use Completion of Treatment Letters to boost your referral response.
  • Get the Two Most Important Post Scripts – P.S.s in dental marketing that can help double your referrals from every letter you send to a patient.
  • Understand the power of quarterly communications… And, just exactly what to say and how to say it to get the best results at the lowest cost.
  • Learn the inside secret to generating a whole new source of dental referrals by adjusting your Thank You Gift Certificate.
  • Why most dental marketing programs fail and how yours can be the exception.
  • How to calculate your ROI (Return on Investment) from your 4-Phase Internal Marketing & Communications Program and double it the next year!

Plus you’ll also get these 8 bonuses:

In addition to the two thirty minute Internet Video Training Programs that you and your team can watch over and over again, you’ll get:

FreeBonus 1 – A special private set of "Doctor’s Notes: Step-by-Step Guidelines to Adding 10 New Patients a Month to Your Practice."

FreeBonus 2 – A set of "Team Notes" to help you better train and integrate the program into your office systems.

FreeBonus 3 – Sample "Completion of Treatment" letters you can use to start the program immediately.

FreeBonus 4 – Multiple "Quarterly Communications Letters" to adapt to your style of practice.

FreeBonus 5 – Customizable Patient Communication Letters, pre-written for maximum impact on almost every aspect of patient communications. These letters are downloadable for immediate printout. They’re in digital format, so there’s no retyping needed for integration with your computer system.

FreeBonus 6 – Downloadable audio version of the complete tutorial so that you can it burn to a CD and play it in your car.

FreeBonus 7 – Downloadable printout of the full slide show.

FreeBonus 8 – Downloadable printout of the complete written transcript of the tutorial to review at anytime.

Since 1985 I’ve been giving no-hype dental marketing and practice management information that can help you attract more patients and better run your practice. Now, with the power of the Internet, we can deliver this training directly to you and your team, at home or in your office, at a fraction of the normal faction of the normal cost.

The entire 4-Phase Internal Marketing & Communications Program, with full online video tutorial and all eight (8) FREE Bonuses, is just $247!

Just click the shopping cart to order and receive immediate instructions on how to start your tutorial.

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Jim Du Molin
Founder, The Wealthy Dentist University

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  1. Thank you for this. I have been studying this and I could not comprehend many things… With a combination of sites like this and the video tutorials form the bald guy (lol) I was up and running in no time.

  2. 2
    Robert Moses DDS 

    Whenever I buy these pricey ( When compared to a book Like Fred Jolle ‘s(?) book Everything is marketing ). I rarely implement the ideas because they are out of my comfort range , don’t have the staff to implement or facility to implement. At first they seem like a great idea but then when I get to the end I feel like I just flushed more money down the lieu and I’m tired of doing that. The question is why can’t I articulate a way to differentiate my practice from all the others? I do my own prophylaxis
    and have many comliments but I don’t turn many of these into referring patients and I am frustrated with trying to train my staff into helping with this. Most of my patients are long term over 20 year patients from all allover the Washington suburbs and I am getting fewer and fewer younger patients.

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