• Wednesday, April 02nd, 2014

Dental marketing for sedation dentistryState Legal Requirements for Dentists

John Bitting, Esq, is legal counsel for DOCS Education. Here, he answers this question: “How can I learn more about my state requirements?"

“I’m sensing a real theme in your answers that everything does seem to be very state by state,” says Julie Frey. “So whether it’s dental hygienists or sedation dentistry, how can I find out what my state requires?”

John replies, “You can call your state board, and hopefully, you’ll get someone on the phone, and if you do get someone on the phone, hopefully they’ll be able to provide you with that information. However, here at DOCS, we’ve put together a website called which, as it says, only deals with dental sedation right now. It provides a clickable map, and you can click on your state, and you can see an overview of your state’s oral and intravenous – and pediatric soon – regulations. It’s a good one-stop place to look up at least a brief overview of your state’s sedation regulation. Sometimes the state boards, they’re pretty busy, and they may or may not answer the phone, and they may or may not give you the information you want. They may just hand you a copy of the state’s regulations, which could be anywhere from ten to 60 pages long, and it’s kind of hard to find the model answer you’re looking for when you hand out a document that big.

“So it helps keep me in business too. I get a lot of phone calls every day regarding these things.”

John Bitting, Esq., is legal counsel for DOCS Education. He is an expert on legal issues surrounding sedation dentistry and dental marketing. Learn more at

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