• Monday, February 24th, 2014

Dental marketing insights from Jim Du MolinDental Marketing Challenges: Sedation Dentistry

Jim Du Molin answers the following dental management question: “What’s the biggest dental marketing problem for sedation patients?”

“Quite honestly, the biggest problem with sedation dentistry patients,” replies Jim, “is the front desk.

“I’ll tell a brief story. Dr. Michael Silverman will know exactly who this doctor is, and I’ll keep everybody’s names quiet here so I won’t let anybody be embarrassed, but we had a very professional doctor in Southern California who was big in cosmetics. I mean, just major in cosmetic dentistry, and he went through all the training for sedation, and he was quite good. Clinically, I think he had it pretty well done. We did an outrageously great dental marketing program for him for radio and in 30 days, we generated 49 new patient inquiries.

“Forty-nine new patient inquiries on sedation on the radio in Southern California – and according to the doctor, it was a total failure. He only got one new patient from it. Now, I watched this progression, and so did Michael, and we just can’t believe this. Out of 49 at-bats, as we called them – when a patient calls, you’re at bat. You get to get up there and just take a swing at it, bring them into the practice and make it work for them. Out of 49, they got one!

“So I did a call. I think Michael did one as a consumer too. And the bottom line is, the front desk blew it every time. They didn’t know how to sell cosmetics. They didn’t even try to sell sedation to a dental phobic patient. They just took the entirely wrong position and attitude for it.

“And that’s one of the best things about the DOCS program, is that it trains your team on how to deal with that patient, because it is totally different from dealing with a normal patient who is not fearful. And when you have a fearful patient, it’s a different experience entirely, and I will not even begin to try to explain it on the phone on the webinar.

“But the issue is, your front desk will make it or break it for you. One of the best things we ever did is, on all of our dental marketing programs for sedation, I think Michael does this too, we record the incoming phone calls for quality control so the doctor can hear exactly what the patient is saying. You can go online 24 hours, seven days a week and listen to it. You can find out exactly what your patients are hearing from your front desk and whether they are imparting the right information.

“This is probably one of the most powerful training tools at your fingertips in today’s modern marketing. So you hook it up so just your new patients come in through your marketing. You’ll get a sample of what your practice is putting out there to get patients, but that is the number one barrier and the biggest problem not just for sedation dentistry, but for all marketing. It’s the front desk.”

Jim Du Molin founded dental marketing company Internet Dental Alliance and dental continuing education resource The Wealthy Dentist University. Du Molin encourages dentists to target high-value braces, cosmetic dentistry, and dental implant patients without alienating their general dental patients.

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