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Dental marketing insights from Jim Du MolinMarketing Yourself as a Sedation Dentist

Jim Du Molin answers the following dental marketing question: “When marketing sedation dentistry outside of the practice, what’s the best strategy?”

“One of the top ones is radio marketing,” replies Jim. “We’ve had a tremendous experience in radio dental marketing. When Dr. Michael Silverman first started advertising sedation dentistry, we went to the radio as a way to reach out. Because what will happen, you will use up the patients in your practice fairly quickly, I would say within three to six months. And the vast majority of your patients out there today are people that aren’t in your practice, and they’re not in any practice.

“And one of the most cost-effective ways, especially today, is radio – and coming up (and I’m going to ask Michael to comment on this briefly), television. Radio is a very low-cost media, especially if you’re in a suburban or rural area, and it has great return on investment. I can’t tell you the number of doctors who’ve gone on the radio for sedation, and they actually had to dial back their marketing to some extent because they were getting so many calls.

“It’s just an amazing thing if it’s properly done. And you have to have the right script, the right tone. It’s important that the doctor communicated his best as possible and put it out there. And you don’t have to be a radio star. That’s the thing. I do real well on radio because I’ve got a face for radio, as many people have told me. But the issue is, you have a great, warm, caring demeanor on the ad, and you’ll come across just fine, and people will relate to that.

“Now, television is another thing. Television is traditionally much more expensive, but again, it’s a powerful medium, and video is becoming more important now – not just broadcast video, but internet video. We’re adding a lot of video to the internet to doctors’ dental websites and special marketing campaigns on YouTube and other places. So it’s become a major area for explaining your treatment care and so forth. It has to be done very carefully, and it has to be done with extreme care and it has to be done professionally.

“Michael, can you update us on what television is doing right now relative to radio, especially in the pricing area?” asks Jim. “I think you’re probably more up to speed on that than I am.”

Dr. Michael Silverman replies, “Yeah, you know, Jim, we have a lot of clients with RAMP, the Dentist’s Advertising Agency, that are on television now. Television has been really an excellent, excellent medium that’s gotten better and better. It’s amazing to find out how good it is, even with all of these DVRs and Tivos and things like that. And you know, we’ve broken the barrier with RAMP, with getting people onto television at an affordable level. Especially with these fearful patients, if they’re going to make a call to the dental office, you have got to have somebody who answers the phone who is really good!

“So we would only put on television advertisements during times that the office was open, when they had that superstar to answer the telephone. But what we’ve done is, we’ve expanded it to getting very inexpensive late-night advertising buys and using a very good telephone answering company with a lot of really great people that answer the phone. I mean, they don’t go into a lot of details, but they just get enough to get the patient’s name and telephone number and email address, really gentle and careful about it. And it’s become more affordable. This way, the patients get to see the doctor and see that they don’t have horns, and they’re not dripping blood from their fangs, and they get a chance to experience a little bit of something about that, and then they can make a call and actually talk to somebody, even at four o’clock in the morning.”

“That’s great,” concludes Jim. “That’s a really needed thing.”

Jim Du Molin has over 26 years of experience in dental management and internet dental marketing. He founded dental website and dental CE resource The Wealthy Dentist University. Du Molin encourages dentists to target high-value dental implants, braces, dentures and tooth whitening patients without alienating their general dental patients.

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