• Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Dental advice from dentist Dr. Dan GarzaSedation Dentistry in Rural USA: Dental Marketing Tips

Practicing Dr. Dan Garza answers this dental marketing question: “How do you market sedation dentistry in a rural area?”

“I don’t think it’s that different from dental marketing in an urban area,” says Dr. Garza. “Sometimes, it might be a little easier in a rural area. We found – again, Dr. Silverman’s suggestion – we went right to the radio with it, and that’s just been spectacular in terms of return on investment. We do spend some money on the radio, but it just brings people from miles around. In fact, one of the interstate highways passes through our town, and it’s not unusual for us to have somebody traveling through Texas, maybe on the way to New Mexico or Colorado from maybe as far away as Louisiana or Mississippi. They’ll happen to hear our ad and for some reason, I guess they think that we’re the only dentist in the United States doing sedation dentistry. And they may return to us from Louisiana or Oklahoma or New Mexico or Colorado just for us to do their sedation dentistry.

“So the radio has been an incredible source of good potential patients. The newspaper is also good. A little more expensive. I think the radio is good, especially if they can hear your voice, and the dialogue is good, and you hopefully can come across as a good and caring person. I think it’s important that the radio be able to communicate the warmness and caringness that your office provides. So again, I would have to say the radio has really, really been a good way to market.”

Dr. Dan Garza, DDS, has been practicing dentistry for over 30 years. At his Texas dental practice, Dr. Garza offers sedation dentistry, Oral Systemic Balance Therapy, and general dentistry.

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