• Saturday, March 01st, 2014

Dental advice from dentist Dr. Dan GarzaAn Inside View from a Sedation Dentist

Practicing Dr. Dan Garza answers this question: “How long have you been practicing sedation dentistry?”

Dr. Garza first gives his professional background. “I’m in a small town in Texas, and I have been doing sedation dentistry. Actually, I was at Michael Silverman’s first course in 1998 in Oklahoma City. I knew this would be an area that would be really exciting, but I had no idea how many people were concerned about dental fear, and it’s turned out really, really well. We kind of do all areas of dentistry. That way, we don’t ever get bored. We have a lot of fun doing a lot of different things.”

“How long have you been doing sedation dentistry?” asks Julie Frey.

Dr. Garza replies. “Again, I went to Dr. Silverman’s first course (that I’m aware of anyway) on sedation dentistry in 1998, and I immediately came back home and got everything I needed. And really, we started in the latter part of 1998, so we’re coming up on about 12 years now. It’s been very, very rewarding for our patients as well as the practice.”

Julie then asks, “Are there any advantages to being a sedation dentist in a rural area like the one where you practice?”

“Well, you know, everyone likes to distinguish between urban and rural areas,” says Dr. Garza, “and what we have to remember is that people are people. No matter where they live, no matter what they do, they have the same wants and needs. In some respects, I think there’s an advantage to being a sedation dentist in a rural area in that there aren’t that many dentists doing sedation dentistry in a rural area. And so, you certainly have an advantage in terms of what you can offer your patients. And another interesting thing that I’ve noticed, we have a city about 25 miles away where there are dentists who do sedation dentistry, but for whatever reason, patients choose to come 25 miles to see us.

“Sometimes, you’re not that well thought of in your own town in some respects, so people think if they go to another area that perhaps you have all the answers. And in some respects, we’re able to use that to our advantage. But I think the main advantage is you don’t have that many dentists doing sedation dentistry, especially in a rural environment.”

Dr. Dan Garza, DDS, has been practicing dentistry for over 30 years. At his Texas dental practice, Dr. Garza offers sedation dentistry, Oral Systemic Balance Therapy, and general dentistry.

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