• Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

Health Care Reform & Pediatric Sedation DentistryDental marketing with Dr. Michael Silverman

Dr. Michael Silverman of DOCS Education answers the following question: “Do you know if pediatric sedation is going to be covered under the Obama healthcare plan?”

“That’s a wonderful question,” replies Dr. Silverman, “and it’s actually part of the whole business model of doing pediatric sedation dentistry. At present, California is the lowest—or let me back up a second. Right now, there is government reimbursement for pediatric dentistry, and California happens to be on the lowest end of the scale.”

“Well, we have no money left in this state!” says Jim Du Molin.

“So the state has a little bit, but the federal government has programs as well,” Dr. Silverman continues. “The government does pay right now for these lower income families to have their dentistry done at the dental office. Dr. Sanger, in his demonstration of how the economics of pediatric sedation dentistry works, has shown that even dealing with the Medicare money that California pays, that a dentist can do very, very well – and in fact, do better than treating adult patients if they have all of the systems in a row.

“I mean, everything – as you know, Jim – is a system, and treating these children safely is a system. Once you get the word out there, you don’t even have to advertise. Once they know that you’re accepting this particular type of government reimbursement, the families bring the kids in, they bring them in their Sunday best clothes. They have a mouthful of 20 teeth with 20 cavities that all need to be restored, and you’re able to handle that in the safest way while they’re sedated.

“So it’s economically a real win-win. In addition, government reimbursement is there. I don’t know – and I guess no one will know for another three or four years – whether the new healthcare reform will increase the pay in that area or not, but even as it stands right now, it still is an economically viable system.”

“That’s great!” says Jim. “That’s exactly what I wanted to hear.”

Dr. Michael Silverman, DMD, is President of RAMP (The Dentist’s Advertising Agency), which can be reached at 1-800-620-RAMP. Dr. Silverman is also President of DOCS Education.

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    I hope you are stressing to your seminar attendees the importance of safety. Pediatric patients can turn south very quickly and one had better be prepared if and when this happens. One of our local dentists is using versed on three year olds and I’m not sure he is prepared for that one problem sedation case. Caution ,prudence, and good clinical judgement are the key. I’m certain you are stressing this to your attendees. I dont know if he has attended one of the Docs courses yet but if he hasn’t I’ll urge him to sign up. Thank you

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