• Monday, December 23rd, 2013

Dental marketing with Dr. Michael SilvermanEvolving Protocols in Dental Continuing Education

Dr. Michael Silverman of DOCS Education answers the following question: “Over the past ten years, how have DOCS sedation dentistry protocols evolved?”

“You know, they have evolved quite a bit,” replies Dr. Silverman. “We started off ten years ago as the ‘one pill wonder.’ We were recommending a particular medication. Very, very safe. In fact, so safe that it’s made it through FDA scrutiny three separate times. And then we expanded to meet the needs of more patients. So presently, the DOCS dental sedation protocols have grown quite a bit. What we’ve discovered along the way is people who are on certain social habits such as smoking, are very difficult to get sedated and stay sedated safely with a single drug protocol. So that by adding another very, very safe drug is as simple as anti-histamine on top of a more standard sedative medication, we’ve been able to maintain their sedation level over a longer period of time using less medication. Because the less medication you use, the safer it is for the patient.

“We’ve also expanded our protocols that cover people who arrive in pain, and this has been a big challenge for a lot of dentists. If the patient has a very sore tooth, has an abscessed tooth, has some endodontic infection going on, and they’re in a lot of pain, getting sedated can be difficult. So we’ve added other protocols that allow us to take care of the patient’s pain management as well as their sedation.

“And all of these are all couched in the process of understanding the patient’s individual medical conditions so that we can fit the best and the safest protocol for that particular patient’s needs. Some patients just can’t be sedated with oral medications, and need to go into special clinics or even into hospital settings depending on their medical conditions.”

Dr. Michael Silverman, DMD, is President of RAMP (The Dentist's Advertising Agency), which can be reached at 1-800-620-RAMP. Dr. Silverman is also President of DOCS Education.

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