• Thursday, July 01st, 2010

Dental marketing insights from Jim Du MolinIntroducing Sedation Dentistry to Your Patients

Jim Du Molin answers the following dental marketing question: “If I’ve never offered sedation dentistry before, how can I introduce it to my patients?”

“Well, the first thing to do is to make sure that you’re properly educated,” responds Jim, “and that’s what DOCS was formed for. And Michael Silverman has done an outstanding job at putting that whole program together and being the originator of this concept in modern sedation dentistry. So I really feel strongly that if you’re going to do sedation, you start with the DOCS Education program. It’s comprehensive. It covers everything, as you’ve heard today, from pediatrics all the way up through IV sedation. I just had my wisdom tooth removed yesterday by IV. I was very impressed with it, and I’m glad to see that DOCS has added that as part of their program.

“But first, you get the training. Second, when you want to introduce it to your patients, start with your patients that you have in your practice currently, because you’ll be surprised how many of them have family members who aren’t showing up at your practice because they’re afraid of the dentist. Michael has taught about this considerably. There’s a great phobia about dentistry in the United States, actually in the world, for that matter. So you can reach those people. You’ll also find that many patients in your practice have put off accepting major treatment plans because of their fear of being in the chair for an extended period of time.

“And with dental sedation, that can be eliminated and reduced greatly. And once you make that clear to them, you’ll be surprised at the great number of people that you get started on and get your practice in sedation on will come directly from your practice.

“We have a program in the Wealthy Dentist University on internal marketing communications that walks you through all of the different aspect of how to approach your current patient base internally. Everything from smile cards to quarterly communications. They’re all valid, and you should use them on a regular basis to make sure everybody understands – your patients and their family members – that you’re offering this treatment.

“So that’s how you get started. Good education, and then you start with your patients in house because, quite honestly, that’s low hanging fruit. And it’s easy enough to pick up because those people already have a basic trust in you already as a doctor.”

Jim Du Molin has over 26 years of experience in dental practice consulting and internet dental marketing. He founded dental website and dental CE resource The Wealthy Dentist University. Du Molin encourages dentists to target high-value braces, dental implants and tooth whitening patients without alienating their general dental patients.

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