• Wednesday, June 02nd, 2010

Dental marketing insights from Jim Du MolinDental Marketing: Offering Dentist Discounts

Jim Du Molin answers the following dental management question: "My fee discount policy—seniors, cash patients et cetera is somewhat willy-nilly. What’s a good system?"

"Well, I personally don’t believe in offering discounts to seniors, other professionals or clergy," says Jim. "Historically, I’ve found nothing but problems with it.

"Seniors typically have more money than anyone. It’s true, they’re into clipping coupons a lot. My mom is 92, she’s pretty conservative, but when she comes to healthcare, she wants the best. She knows that if she wants the best, she’s got to pay for it.

"Now, having said that, I want you to go back again to parts one and three of the case presentation series because they both deal with financial arrangements and the best way to present them.

"Ask patients to select the payment option that is most appropriate for their budget. You’ve got four and in some cases five payment options. The first one—the one I really prefer is cash with proper ID, but some people get upset with me for that.

"Most of the time we start with a 5% accounting reduction that will be extended to patients with fees in excess of your minimum (I would do it in fees in excess of $200) are paid prior to scheduling treatment. Now understand that this is a one-time thing, you’re not going to offer this accounting reduction unless the fees or the whole thing is extended before you schedule the person.

"The next one, number two is very simple, major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard or Discovery, American Express or whatever.

"Number three is an extended dental financing payment plan based on dental credit approval. Now, understand when I say extended dental payment plans, that’s not doctor payment. That’s an outside dental financing program or dental credit card.

"Number four, if they don’t choose any of the first three, number four is 50% in advance of scheduling treatment, the remaining balance due one week prior to beginning the treatment.

"Patients can ask questions and they may. But I’ll tell you right now, 80%, maybe 90% will just circle one and you’re done!"

Jim Du Molin has over 26 years of experience in dental management consulting and dental website marketing. He founded dental website and continuing dental education resource The Wealthy Dentist University. Du Molin encourages dentists to target high-value braces, dental implant, denture and sleep dentistry patients without alienating their family and general dentistry patients.

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