• Thursday, May 20th, 2010

HR Insights from Barbara FreetDental Management & Human Resources: Can You Avoid Paying Unemployment?

Human resources expert Barbara Freet addresses this dental management question: "Are there ways that dentists can avoid unemployment insurance?"

"They can’t avoid paying into their account," answers Barbara, "but they can avoid it if they hire really carefully so the potential for terminating somebody is lessened and they can determine if the person is going to work out during say the first three months of their employment when possible.

"That’s what we call the introductory period.

"Sometimes people say, ‘Oh, let’s give her a little bit more time. Let’s give her another chance,’ and they’re so nice that they nice themselves right out of a good idea, which is if somebody isn’t going to work out, then make sure you’ve told them their expectations and then terminate them.

"The key is to understand when it is worth fighting about it and when it isn’t."

Barbara Freet, PHR, is President of Human Resource Advisors, a full-service HR consulting and staffing company she founded in 1988. Consultants serve as the HR department for clients, providing administrative functions (including recruitment, benefits, payroll, etc.) and "guardian" functions in the face of problematic employment issues. Call 800-520-7761 or visit HumanResourceAdvisors.com.

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