• Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Dental marketing insights from Jim Du MolinDental Marketing: How To Get Patients Off the Fence

Jim Du Molin answers the following dental practice management question: "How can I persuade those patients sitting on the fence to commit to starting their treatment now? Many want to start but are scared to commit their resources."

"We see this all the time," says Jim. "And the first thing I’m going to say is, for The Wealthy Dentist University members, go and look at the chart audit program. It’s a really straightforward dental management program that can easily put another $3600 of cash in your pocket every month.

"Basically, when you do a chart audit, you're going to find these people who are sitting on the fence who have not committed to treatment. The first of this is treatment that's been presented, but not completed. That's phase one of the chart audit.

"The easiest way to go for this is to have one in your team call up and say, ‘Mrs. Jones, this is Brandy. I’m calling from Dr. Alfred’s office. We were reviewing your dental chart and realized that you still have a procedure yet to be completed. The doctor has an opening on Tuesday at 3 or Thursday at 8; which would be better for your schedule?’

"It is an assumptive close and it says, you’ve got outstanding treatment that needs to be done and you're just assuming the person wants to complete that treatment plan.

"The second phase of the chart audit is treatment that’s been diagnosed, but not presented. So what you do is you make a list of all of these people, and this is the verbal skill from the scheduling coordinator. ‘Mrs. Jones, this is Diane. I’m calling from Dr. Thomas’s office. Dr. Thomas was reviewing your dental chart and found a procedure or a concern that he would like to discuss with you. He asked me to schedule a brief ten-minute no charge consultation with you as soon as possible. The doctor has an opening on Wednesday at 4:30PM or Friday at 9AM, which is best for you?’

"Now, this script is really good because it said, the dentist was reviewing your chart. That makes the dentist sound like a very conscientious person. That means you were studying it and you found something that concerns you that could be a potential problem and that you’re willing to spend ten minutes of your own time at no charge reviewing that potential issue with the patient.

"Again, of course, you always offer them two times so that they make a choice which time is best.

"I also recommend that you review the first part of the case presentation series on financial arrangement strategies. I just can’t stress that enough. If you have a solid case presentation strategy for financing dentistry because these are tough times right now, you will get a lot better acceptance level for those people who are sitting on a fence. Once you go through that analysis of your financial arrangements, I think you’ll be really surprised at how easy it is to get people to accept the dentistry."

Jim Du Molin has over 26 years of experience in dental management and dental consulting. He founded dental marketing company Internet Dental Alliance and dental continuing education resource The Wealthy Dentist University. Du Molin encourages dentists to target high-value braces, cosmetic dentistry, dental implant and sedation dentistry patients without alienating their general dental patients.

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