• Wednesday, May 05th, 2010

HR Insights from Barbara FreetHuman Resources: Watch Out for Bad Apples!

Barbara Freet, expert on human resources, answers this question on dental management: "You seem like a woman who probably hears an awful lot of stories. What’s the latest juicy scandal you’ve heard?"

"Oh gosh! I guess I’ll have to choose," replied Barbara. "I think the latest juicy scandal is a dentist who had an office manager, practice administrator for 22 years. He placed a great deal of trust in her and actually paid for a lot of things for her as though she was a daughter, almost, to him.

"He was tipped off by another member of the team that she may be putting time on her time sheet that she didn’t work. At first he just blew it off, he didn’t believe. He didn’t want to deal with it.

"Then he started checking, and what he found was that practically every entry that she had made about her own time was edited. She put down sick leave for weekend days. She put down sick leave for days that she was out of town. She did all kinds of things with the time record and because she was in charge of payroll, she was just being paid.

"Probably in the last year or year and a half, he's lost about $69,000 by his not being aware that she was doing that and basically ripping him off.

"I saw the time sheets myself and almost every entry was edited. So doctors really need to print those time sheets from time to time and see how many of them are edited. If there are any patterns going on there, who's doing the editing, who has the ability to get in and edit, et cetera."

Barbara Freet, PHR, is President of Human Resource Advisors, a full-service HR consulting and staffing company she founded in 1988. Consultants serve as the HR department for clients, providing administrative functions (including recruitment, benefits, payroll, etc.) and "guardian" functions in the face of problematic employment issues. Call 800-520-7761 or visit HumanResourceAdvisors.com.

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