• Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Health care and dental benefits with Dr. Fred SharpeDental Management: Dentistry & the National Health Plan

Dr. Fred Sharpe, Chief Dental Officer for Avesis, addresses this question: "The national health plan is big news. Where is dentistry in the proposed national health plan?"

"Well, I think we’re still wondering a bit about how much impact and how involved dentistry will be," answers Dr. Sharpe. "One of the concerns was the essentially high cost tax or the tax on Cadillac health programs that was considered that it might apply to dentistry.

"The National Association of Dental Plans indicated that it believes that the standalone dental and vision plans will not be taxed. So what that would mean for the individual as that they wouldn’t be taxed on those benefits that they got which allowed them to purchase how purchase dental services.

"So I think that’s good news for dentistry relative to standalone dental plans like Delta Dental Program or any other dental program that is viewed as an independent product and it’s not part of a medical plan.

"The national health program as it’s conceived really focuses on dentistry for children. So it will be interesting to see whether these dental benefits will go to people other than children."

Dr. Fred Sharpe, DDS, is a managed healthcare and dental benefits advisor. He is Chief Dental Officer at Avesis, which offers an array of vision, dental and hearing programs.

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  1. I fear that like involvement of Capitation and Managed Care and PPO’s have insinuated themselves into dentistry, so too will Obamacare. The path is too logical and this administration has demonstrated nothing if not the willful grab of more and more power centralized in the Federal Government. We need to stand united against this process if we care about our profession and our patients. Fee setting and other price controls as well as forced participation are the logical next steps for this Administration and the only question is when not if.

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