• Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Dental marketing with Dr. Michael SilvermanDental Marketing: Team Training Is Everything

Dr. Michael Silverman, president of RAMP, answers this question: "In all your experience working with over 500 dental practices, what single thing makes a practice the most successful with a dental marketing campaign?"

"The one thing in all of these practices that makes them most successful is their team," says Dr. Silverman. "It’s team training.

"The two easiest things that you can do from a marketing standpoint is to get to follow the ring and expect the money! Those are the easiest things because they’re predictable. We know how to make it work, there are systems designed for both situations, if all the in-between things that define the success of the dental practice.

"In our experience with all of these practices, the two major weaknesses in most of the practices in that list is the making of the appointment and the keeping of the appointment. So where would the training be lacking? And typically it’s that person who answers the phone.

"Let me give you an example, a good example and a bad example for this. So one practice came to us and was already very successful, they were doing $2 million a year, a single dentist, doing $2 million a year and wanted to do some marketing and advertising with RAMP. The doctor spent $17,000 in twelve months on dental marketing and advertising with RAMP. For his practice's size, it's a very small budget. He went from $2 million a year to $3.5 million a year. He added a million and a half in production from just $17,000 worth of investment.

"You’re going to ask, how did he do that? He did that because in his tracking and he was meticulous with tracking when I answered the first question and he was really great with training his team. His team had a conversion on our ROI sheets of 98% from call to payment through the entire series.

"I mean, granted, this is not typical, so the typical practice is going to run a 55% to 60% conversion rate if they’re doing a decent job. Seventy percent to 80% if they’re doing a fantastic job, but there was magic on this one practice.

"And on the other side, I’ll give you a bad one. We had a client who was consistently presenting $120,000 worth of dentistry a month to new patients acquired through marketing and he was getting an acceptance rate of less than 10%.

"The dentist called us up and says, I want to expand my marketing. I want to increase my budget so I can make more money, not recognizing that his conversion was so bad. We provided him the kind of training that he needed for his team and the kind of training he needed for the case acceptance issues. The answer wasn’t in expanding his budget, the answer for him was in maximizing his internal systems and having his team very highly trained.

"So, investing in proper training for your team is the most valuable dental marketing investment that you can make."

Dr. Michael Silverman, DMD, is President of RAMP (The Dentist's Advertising Agency), which can be reached at 1-800-620-RAMP. Dr. Silverman is also President of DOCS Education.

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