• Tuesday, February 16th, 2010

Professional Relationship Sexual HarassmentSexual harassment laws for doctors and patients

Human resources advisor Barbara Freet answers the following question: "As we look forward to the legal climate for 2010, what should dentists be aware of to protect themselves?"

If you haven't heard about the new "Professional Relationship Sexual Harassment" laws and how they relate to dental management, then you'll definitely want to listen to this…

“Professional Relationship sexual harassment applies when there is a business, service or professional relationship between two people and sexual harassment occurs,” she explains. “So examples of those professional relationships covered by this law include doctor-patient, landlord-tenant, attorney-client, mortgage loan office and client, insurance agent and client, financial planner-client, therapist-client—you get the general idea.”

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Barbara continues, “The law defines this type of harassment as a relationship in which the client or the customer cannot really terminate the relationship without suffering economic disadvantage or some type of loss, whether it’s personal injury or property related laws. So it puts that person at a real disadvantage if there is sexual harassment.

“This particular type of sexual harassment law says that verbal, visual and physical conduct of a sexual nature are covered under the law, as it is under other laws, but the victim is not required to first ask the harasser to stop the offensive conduct before seeking legal remedy.”

– Barbara Freet, Human Resources Advisors

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