Dental Marketing – What They Don’t Teach in Dental School

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A Personal Note from Jim Du Molin

Jim Du MolinSince 1982, I’ve Shown Dentists Just Like You How To Master Practice-Building Successfully, Achieve Wealth Doing Your Own Thing, Become A Leader in Your Community – And Do It Faster Than You Could Ever Do It On Your Own…


Dear Doctor,

All my career life I heard: “Jim, you have a choice and it’s this: You can either be happy – or you can make a lot of money – but you can’t have both.”

So I bought into the myth that my only option is to toil away at some high stress, low satisfaction job until some far off retirement. Then I get to be happy.

But a part of me knew darn well – and I think you will agree — that it really is possible to master something you truly love AND to have more control over your time and your life. Deep down you and I know it’s not “wishful thinking” to have a successful practice.

I’ve helped several thousand dentists with dental marketing ideas to re-create their practices and advance their careers. And I can help you, too. Just being here, you’re already further along than most people.

For one, you know what you want. You want to know that your dentistry, your “practice-life” has meaning and purpose. And that your practice brings in money and satisfaction. You even want to do something that leaves the world a better place. But, frankly that’s not enough, is it?

There’s also the “life side” of your “Work-Life Equation” and that is important, too. For you this means having an “accomplished life” where you master not just your practice but your life, your time, your destiny.

Jim Du Molin

The Wealthy Dentist University is dental marketing education based on the concept that wealth and security come from always doing what is right for your patients.

Video Tutorials on Dental Marketing & Management

Dental Marketing Ideas

These videos include instant access files of dental marketing ideas, verbal-skill scripts, step-by-step check lists; screen captured graphic outlines, roll-playing scripts between doctor and patient, and team member and patient… and hard copy implementation guides tailored separately for the doctor and team members.

The $1 Million Dental Sign ($498 value)
The economics of good dental signage are too important to just wing it. A well-designed set of signs (meaning more than one) can easily put a $1,000,000.00 extra into your pension fund for retirement.
Internal Marketing & Communications ($498 value)
Once in place, this internal marketing strategy cuts the cost of all your other marketing efforts in half! Why? Because every new patient will add an additional new patient when you use this program.
Associate Analysis ($2996 value)
Convert your practice into cash at retirement through your associate agreement! We’ll walk you through how to analyze the financials of your practice and structure the best associate agreement.
Front Desk 1: Create a Marketing Machine ($498 value for 3 parts)
This is one of our core internal marketing strategies. Once in place, it has to potential to DOUBLE the number of new patients in your chair. Why? Because up to 50% of your new patient calls are lost at the front desk!
Front Desk Marketing 2: Scripts & Examples ($498 value for 3 parts)
To maximize the marketing power of your front desk, your team will need scripts and examples. In this tutorial, you’ll get step-by-step phone answering scripts, training examples and tools.
Front Desk 3: Team Organization for Profit ($498 value for 3 parts)
The key to this internal marketing strategy is following through with your team. Here, Jim Du Molin will tell you just how to organize your team for maximum profitability.
Chart Audit ($498 value)
If you haven’t been doing chart audits – or if you haven’t been doing them right – you could be losing some serious income. They’re the key to filling holes in your schedule.
DIY Office Brochure ($498 value)
Have you ever wanted to create a do-it-yourself office brochure for your dental practice? This tutorial will show you how to do just that. We give you all the content you need – and a Microsoft Word template, too!
Case Presentation 1: Financial Arrangements ($1798 value for 3 parts)
The three videos included in this lesson focus on increasing collections percentage, eliminating doctor billing, and having written financial agreements for every treatment plan over $300.
Case Presentation 2: Case Acceptance ($1798 value for 3 parts)
The Seven Steps to Case Acceptance: Good case presentation and financial arrangements are key to running a successful practice. From the initial phone call to the final close, it’s a strategy that costs nothing to implement.
Case Presentation 3: Financial Arrangements Tactics ($1798 value for 3 parts)
What financial options should you present to patients, and how? What can you do about insurance? How exactly should your financial coordinator present options to the patient? These two videos answer these questions.
Maximize Your Marketing ($348 value)
This two-part video reveals how you can turn your marketing from a profit-draining expense into a profit producing system. You know what they say about “low-hanging fruit”? Well, the same goes for your patients.
Using Video #1: Patient Video Testimonials ($398 value for 2 parts)
Patient testimonials are one of the most effective ways to promote your practice. There are 5 simple rules and 8 steps to getting the best testimonials, and Jim will walk you through every one of them.
Using Video #2: Setup & Shoot Tips ($398 value for 2 parts)
Video clips are now part of the successful dentist’s marketing toolbox, personalizing your website and increasing appointment requests. This lesson explains the basics, including lighting, camera placement, and scripts.
Setting Fees for Maximum Case Acceptance ($398 value)
Are you selling yourself short or losing patients with your fees? You should raise your fees regularly to keep up with inflation, but you can do so in a way that doesn’t alienate your patients.
Your Professional Biography ($149 value)
A good biography can make all the difference in the world to a patient, increasing their respect for and familiarity with their doctor. It’s hard to write your own, but we’ll guide you through it.
Doctor to Doctor Marketing ($98 value)
For ages, specialists have been making a great living based almost solely on referrals. GPs can generate referrals from other medical practitioners… physicians, therapists, chiropractors, and even other dentists.
Practice Answering Machine ($198 value)
The right answering machine message can make all the difference. This tutorial explains how your voicemail message can work for you even when no one’s at the office.