• Thursday, January 21st, 2010

So let's say you've taken my advice and eliminated doctor billing. How do you handle patients who don't want to pay up front?

FINANCIAL COORDINATOR: "In order to keep our fees as low as possible, we have eliminated billing. However, if you'd like, you can put this on your major credit card."

PATIENT: "My card is full up after I spent last weekend in Atlantic City. Can't you just bill me?"

FINANCIAL COORDINATOR: “Mrs. Jones, when we bill someone, it’s just like a bank lending money, and you know how much trouble the banks have gotten into in the last few years. That’s why we no longer send bills.

“However, can you afford $100 a month?”

There are three important things here:

  1. Give them an answer they can relate to.
    “Billing someone is just like a bank lending money, and you know how much trouble the banks have gotten into.”
  2. Repeat firmly, "That's why we no longer send bills.” Remember, our ultimate goal is to ELIMINATE Doctor Financing!
  3. Give them your next least costly choice: “Can you afford $X a month?” Think of when you walk into an auto dealership. They never say, "This car is $46,000." They always ask “Can you afford $249 a month?” Only when you say yes, do they say that it will be $249 a month for the next 7 years.

Your next step in this conversation/negotiation is critical. We call it “The Qualification.” Watch for it next…

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    interested dentist 

    ‘well I like that. However, you will put the patient on $100 per month..they will pay once, and then decide that the dentist can afford not to get paid this month…they are the rich dentist..why should i pay ..esp if they got the work done! You can do that if you offer carecredit or any other third party financing and get your money upfront! that is the only way to get paid!…Unfortunately the dentist in this country is the only place where people negotiate their fees and try to get away from paying…you don’t go to a medical doctor and ask to waive your copays..they get their money upfront…dentists are the only people who are treated by patients as a commodity!

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    Susan Taylor 


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