• Thursday, January 14th, 2010

There's no reason to feel uncomfortable asking for money. The key is having the right verbal skills.

Jim Du Molin's insights on asking for moneyFirst, the financial arrangements coordinator can pre-heat patients by reassuring them how great the doctor is.

Mrs. Jones, you're going to really like Dr. Smith. He's done some wonderful things for our patients."

Next, the coordinator reviews the fees with the patient.

While the doctor has explained your needed treatment, let me summarize the fees."

"Mrs. Jones, your share of the treatment is $3,200. Would you like to pay by cash or check?

"And, if you pay in full today or in advance of scheduling, I can offer you a 5% bookkeeping adjustment."

At this point, the financial arrangements coordinator much stop speaking. Wait for the patient to make a decision. Remember, this is a negotiation, and the next person to speak loses.

The patient may say, "Well, I seem to have left my checkbook at home. Just bill me."

This tactic is called the disappearing checkbook.

  • "I left it in the car."
  • "My husband must have it."
  • "I lost it at the dog track."

So what do you do next? Watch the next TWDU insight will have the answer…

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