• Thursday, January 09th, 2014

Dental advice from dentist Dr. Dan GarzaDental Marketing Challenges in Sedation Dentistry

Practicing Dr. Dan Garza answers this dental marketing question: “What is your biggest challenge in sedation dentistry?”

“I don’t really see it as a challenge,” answers Dr. Garza, “but you have to be well organized and I think it’s critical that you spend time with a potential sedation dentistry patient. These patients are very, very alarmed and frightened, and a typical phone call to the administrative area may involve – and I think Dr. Silverman has elaborated on this numerous times – you can’t get in a hurry when you’re visiting a sedation patient. The hardest thing for them to do is to pick up that phone and call. That’s just a monumental task for them.

“So once they get on the phone, you want to have trained people to talk them down, if you will, off the wall and let them know that you’re caring and loving people. You’re concerned about their dental fear, you respect their fear, and explain everything that’s involved. They want to know a lot of details. They want to know how things are done, how safe things are. And so I think one of the biggest challenges is to not get in a hurry with these patients, to spend the necessary time. And that’s a challenge sometimes in a busy practice where you have two or three phones ringing and patients checking out, patients wanting dental insurance information, and so spending the time with them is critical, and I think another challenge. Again, this is why DOCS is so great, is getting the whole team involved, and having the assistants well trained, so that they can do proper assessments, explanations, going over consent forms, and having the hygienist feel comfortable in an oral sedation environment where they’re working.

“I think the other challenge is getting everyone on the team on the same page, speaking the same language, and feeling comfortable with a procedure that’s really extremely safe. And we just have to be able to communicate that to everyone involved.”

Dr. Dan Garza, DDS, has been practicing dentistry for over 30 years. At his Texas dental practice, Dr. Garza offers sedation dentistry, Oral Systemic Balance Therapy, and general dentistry.

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