• Thursday, February 04th, 2010

There are good relationships and bad relationships. We have all had both.

Only a masochist who truly enjoys pain would take a patient who has rejected the three most common forms of payment:

  1. Cash or Check
  2. Payment today or in advance of scheduling – 5% bookkeeping adjustment
  3. Visa or MasterCard


  1. FAILED to qualify with three outside dental financing companies.
  2. Turned down paying 50% in advance of scheduling and the remainder one week prior to the day of treatment.
  3. And, finally, rejected a phased treatment plan over the next one, two or three years to bring them to basic functionality.

And then the patient says: “I don’t think I can afford to pay that much.”

Hopefully your response is:

“Mrs. Jones, how had you planned to cover the cost of your treatment?”

Now some people feel I’m a little harsh here, but at what point do we return to the real world of your need to pay the rent and your team? Oh, and don’t forget yourself!

Charity is fine. But I don’t think you want to wait until the end of the month to find out you’ve just preformed $3,200 of charitable care without knowing or consenting to it.

But for the softies out there, try this verbal skill:

“Mrs. Jones, perhaps you’re not ready to move ahead with your treatment at this time.”

In our next TWDU Insight we’ll talk about each of the four major financial options.

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  1. self confidence is the key….don’t try to please everyone !

  2. So who thinks dental insurance is just as important as health insurance reform? I think they should be combined, what are you thoughts?

  3. 3
    John Bocchetti 

    I practice in the Uk YOU DO NOT WANT any form of 3rd party interfering in your practice as this inevitably means you will lose ultimate control of your business and professional life . Remain independent at ALL costs . The government will distort day to day to practice beyond all recognition ; the ultimate ‘bureacratic cuckoo in the nest’ . We take all the clinical risks for minimal financial return that is the UK and European status as we talk ; licensing of minimally qualified overseas graduates that make a mockery of the word ‘educated’ based on minimal entry requirements commoditization of the professions that is the political agenda paranoid maybe I think not .

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