• Tuesday, February 02nd, 2010

Inevitably, some patients will be turned down by outside financing companies.

FINANCIAL COORDINATOR: “I’m sorry, Mrs. Jones. You didn’t qualify for financing. However, to make this affordable for you, we can structure your payments so that you pay $1,600 in advance of scheduling and the remainder one week prior to the day of treatment.

Please remember this patient has already FAILED to qualify with three outside dental financing companies. This person is a “Suspect”!

You would have to be brain dead to put this patient in the doctor’s schedule without at least 50% of the patient’s share of the fee in your bank account with the check cleared. Plus, the remaining 50% must be paid at least one week prior to the day of treatment.

However, we have one more option to try – Phased Treatment Planning.

PATIENT: “I can’t afford $1,600 now. Can’t you just bill me?

FINANCIAL COORDINATOR: “Mrs. Jones, we have eliminated billing. However, I can break your treatment plan into phases. This would reduce your initial deposit to $800, and you can pay the remainder one week prior to the day of treatment.

This is why we teach in our Case Acceptance Course to always have two treatment plans for a major case.

  1. One that you would prepare as if for a family member, and a…
  2. Second that restores the patient to basic functionality… no pain and no drooling.

You are ethically obligated to present the first and (I feel) morally obligated to be prepared with the second if the patient can’t afford the first.

Now, what do you say when the patient comes back with, “I don’t think I can afford to pay that much”?!?

The answer will be in our next TWDU Insight… and you may not like it.

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